Annual General Meeting

The CGi’s Annual General Meeting was held on 24 April 2024 at Guernsey Electricity. Dave Newman, CGi chairman, outlined the work the Federation had been involved in over the past 12 months to support members, including: Disability Legislation The Electricity Strategy Population Management Law GST Education Strategy As with last year, many of the issues … Read more

Dave Newman, outgoing Chairman’s speech at the AGM

Dave Newman, outgoing Chairman’s speech at the 2024 AGM: Thank you all for attending the AGM of the Confederation of Guernsey Industry. I’d like to start the Chairman’s speech with two sayings. The first was attributed to the British Prime Minister Harold Wilson who stated “ A week is a long time in politics” Well … Read more

AGM and power station tour

The Annual General Meeting of the CGi takes place at 6:00pm on Wednesday 24 April at Guernsey Electricity and all members are invited. Following the AGM, there will be a presentation from Guernsey Electricity which will also cover the energy transition. After the presentation, we will be given a tour of the power station. Catering … Read more

CGi looks to appoint new head

THE Confederation of Guernsey Industry is beginning the search for a new chairperson to lead the local industry body. Dave Newman, who has run the organisation for the past three years, is stepping aside from his role and would like nominations from across the business community, notably from those with experience of running small and … Read more

CGi acknowledges Home Affairs’ openness to engage with local firms to address population law problems

THE CGi has welcomed the willingness of the President of Home Affairs to discuss concerns with the Island’s population laws and the new initiatives designed to help local businesses. The industry group’s comments follow a meeting held last week with Deputy Rob Prow, the Population Management Office, CGi chairman and a delegation of local companies … Read more

Understanding occupational health – States’ survey

Through the Government Work Plan, the States of Guernsey agreed a Health Recovery action which seeks to support the physical and mental recovery of Islanders through scoping and delivering Phase 3 of the Supporting Occupational Health & Wellbeing (SOHWELL) programme. The States is undertaking the survey across Guernsey and Alderney, to better understand the occupational … Read more

CGi calls for meeting with Home Affairs to address population law issues

THE CGi is asking the President of Home Affairs to meet with its members so they can demonstrate the damage that the Island’s population management law is causing local business. The request follows Deputy Rob Prow’s recent insistence that the updated legislation is working well and that without it, the Island’s firms would be operating … Read more

Simon Taylor, new committee member

Simon has joined the committee and works for Norman Piette as Executive Heavyside Manager. Simon has been with NP Group since  2019 after an impressive career, having joined the timber trade in 1990 after a spell in the Royal Navy. He began his career as a lorry driver for a timber merchant in Bristol, but … Read more

Anti-GST collateral

In advance of the States’ debate this week on funding and on the possible introduction of a consumption tax, you can download, print and display these posters in PDF or JPEG formats. Members are also welcome to attend the gathering on the Royal Court steps on Tuesday 17 October 2023 from 8.30am to 9.30am.

Anti-Discrimination Law and ‘reasonable adjustments’

Now that the Anti-Discrimination Legislation is in force, Employment & Social Security is publishing details of the duty on employers to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for disabled employees. It accepts that there is a limit where such adjustments would represent a ‘disproportionate burde’n on the duty-holder (i.e. employer). Further detail on what constitutes a ‘reasonable adjustment’ and a … Read more

CGi in support of Lyndon’s Trott’s proposal to raise income tax to fill States’ black hole

THE Confederation of Guernsey Industry has come out in support of Deputy Lyndon Trott’s suggestion to scrap the proposed introduction of GST and instead raise income tax. The call follows Deputy Trott’s statement last month that he ‘wouldn’t personally hesitate in raising the basic rate of personal income tax’, citing it as pragmatic and fair … Read more

New Trading Standards law

A new Ordinance bringing Guernsey in line with UK requirements on trading standards for businesses comes into force on 02 October. The legislation was voted through the States in March and includes all Islands of the Bailiwick except for Alderney. It includes consumer rights when entering contracts for goods and services, unfair terms in contracts … Read more

CGi warns population law is now ‘damaging Island way of life’

GUERNSEY is in grave danger of damaging its way of life unless the population management legislation is scrapped or radically improved. The stark warning comes from the Confederation of Guernsey Industry, which says that the amendments to the new law, introduced in April, are creating a ‘skills drain’, leaving Island businesses chronically short of trained … Read more

2023 Apprentice of the Year Awards

CGi Chairman Dave Newman was the keynote speaker and also presented awards at the 2023 Apprentice of the Year Awards and Final Year Apprentice Graduation held at The Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts last week. Around 300 apprentices formed the 2022/23 cohort, of whom 100 started training last September and 57 graduated this year. … Read more

CGi supports Electricity Strategy

FOLLOWING confirmation that the States will debate the Island’s Electricity Strategy as planned next month, the Confederation of Guernsey Industry has outlined its overall support of the Policy Letter following publication by Environment and Infrastructure. During the consultation process carried out last year, the CGi raised concerns relating to the security of supply of electricity, … Read more

Annual General Meeting

The CGi’s Annual General Meeting was held on 25 April 2023 at The Little Big Brewery. Dave Newman, CGi chairman, outlined the work the Federation had been involved in over the past 12 months to support members, including: • GST• Disability Legislation• Population Management• Electricity Strategy As with last year, many of the issues dealt … Read more

AGM and brewery tour

The Annual General Meeting of the CGi takes place at 6:00pm on Tuesday 25 April at the Little Big Brewery in St George’s Esplanade and all members are invited. Following the AGM, guest speaker Simon Le Tocq of the GTA will present details of the proposed new apprenticeship schemes. After Simon’s presentation, we will be … Read more

Education Law Review questionnaire

Education Law Review questionnaire THE CGi has been asked to provide feedback on the Education Law Review by the Committee for Economic Development. You may be aware of this and already contributed to the questionnaire. One of the provisions includes the possible introduction of a ‘participation age. This would require young people to remain engaged in some … Read more

CGi calls for increases in income tax to fill black hole

FOLLOWING feedback received from its members, the Confederation of Guernsey (CGi) is reiterating its call for the States to consider changes in income tax and social insurance reform, a review of corporation tax and a proper evaluation of some capital projects in order to raise funds to pay for public services. This follows the decision … Read more

CGi believes GST would be hugely damaging to Guernsey business

THE Confederation of Guernsey has raised concerns that the proposed GST will have a detrimental effect on local businesses, be costly to administer and fails to address the reality of living on an island with finite resource. The CGi has re-emphasised its preference for a modest rise in income tax along with other measures. The … Read more

Changes to the Population Management Law

As members will be aware, the States recently debated and approved all of the proposed changes to the PML put forward by Home Affairs, designed to try and alleviate some of the recruitment issues across the Island. Claire, one of our committee members and the go-to on the legislation, has kindly put together a summary … Read more

CGi gathers support for Intersurgical staff

THE Confederation of Guernsey Industry is asking members of its federation to consider offering employment to former staff of Intersurgical Guernsey.   The request follows yesterday’s news that the local manufacturer and supplier of medical devices for respiratory support, a long-standing member of the CGi, has closed permanently, with the loss of up to 90 staff.  CGi Chairman, Dave Newman, said: ‘We reached out yesterday afternoon to Intersurgical through one of … Read more

States questioned over lack of openness on anti-discrimination law

THE CGi is once again challenging the Committee for Employment and Social Security (ESS) for its lack of transparency over the costs and impact of the new anti-discrimination legislation that is due to be debated by the States next week. The move follows the industry body’s repeated requests over the past few months for ESS … Read more

CGi comments on Population Management Law review

Following an enquiry from the Guernsey Press on the proposed changes announced on 13 September 2022, CGi Chairman Dave Newman, said: ‘‘The Confederation of Guernsey Industry is pleased that Home Affairs has accepted the need to relax some of the employment restrictions through this review and in doing so, alleviate some of the labour acute … Read more

CGi welcomes changes to six month visa waiver

THE Confederation of Guernsey Industry has expressed its support of the recent Home Affairs’initiative to introduce a temporary solution which will allow local companies to recruit employeesfrom overseas without having to apply for a UK visa first. The industry body is, however, urging the States to press ahead and rationalise its own law andprocedures to … Read more

Would you be interested in joining the CGi committee?

We are seeking two new committee members from this September. The role is to work with the Chairman, Company Secretary and other committee members to develop policies and viewpoints on key topics that concern our Federation and in doing so, support the wider membership. Current initiatives include: Working with the States to improve the Population … Read more

Anti-discrimination legislation forum – what does it mean for SMEs?

Drop in to Chamber for an open discussion with representatives from the business community and the GDA to share your thoughts or learn more. Wednesday 29 June 2022, 12:30 – 14:30 at the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce, Markets Inner Street, St Peter Port All SMEs are welcome, no matter the nature of their query, … Read more

FREE cyber security training for CGi members

The CGi has invited Black Arrow Cyber Consulting to guide our members on the main ways that local businesses can protect themselves. The number of cyber security incidents continues to rise globally, affecting our members here in Guernsey and their clients in other countries. The discussion will look at the dangers caused when businesses conflate … Read more

CGi comments on secondary pensions

Following the States’ approval of proposals requiring employers to offer occupational pensions, the CGi has been proactively discussing the opportunity for setting up a scheme on behalf of members firms with local providers. It is hoped that when the law comes into effect the CGi can provide information, guidance and assistance to its diverse membership. … Read more

Annual General Meeting

The CGi’s Annual General Meeting was held on 31 March 2002 at Les Cotils. The meeting addressed the work the Federation is doing to support members, including: • Population management• Disability legislation• GST The CGi has been in face-to-face meetings with various departments within the States, vested stakeholders and the membership. The Chairman, Dave Newman, … Read more

Notification of Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Confederation of Guernsey Industry takes place at 6:00pm on Thursday 31 March in the Reading Room at Les Cotils and all members of the Federation are invited. The agenda will comprise: Apologies for absenceMinutes of previous meetingMatters arisingTreasurer’s reportChairman’s reportElection of officersAny other business Copies of the financial statements … Read more

States pressed to clarify costs of new anti-discrimination law

THE Confederation of Guernsey Industry is asking the States to reveal the costs of implementing and running the new anti-discrimination law which are estimated to be around £850,000 per year and for government to publish its own impact analysis. The request follows recent feedback provided by the CGi to the Committee for Employment and Social Security, in which the … Read more

CGi comment on proposed development agency

“This is a further sign from those driving the ambition of the current assembly of the need to get things done and to be bold in challenging the previous ways of working that have resulted in precious little progress on strategic infrastructure maintenance and development projects.” The CGi was deeply disappointed when the harbours’ redevelopment … Read more

Sustainability survey

The Sustainable Business Initiative of the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce is calling for local businesses to fill out their annual Business Sustainability Survey. The survey looks to explore how important sustainability is to your business, why you care about environmental issues, what your business is currently doing regarding sustainability, among other questions. The survey can … Read more

CGi asks members for feedback on key topics

The CGi is asking members for their views on important issues affecting them and the wider business community this year. Population Management LawThe States has sent us consultation questions for its Population and Immigration Policy Review that is being chaired by Deputy Rob Prow. Members are invited to fill this out on behalf of their … Read more

CGi survey on taxation and GST

The CGi has raised concerns publicly and privately with the States’ proposals for raising taxes through an increase in taxes and specifically, by introducing a Goods and Service tax, or VAT. We are interested in understanding how members and the wider business community on the Island feel about the options that are being presented by … Read more

Statement on public sector reforms

‘The CGi regards any initiative from the States to look at public sector reforms and cost savings as a prerequisite before it considers any changes in taxation. In our previous press release regarding GST we stated that States’ spending should come under review before significant tax rises were implemented. This should include not only potential … Read more

CGi comments on harbour plans

‘The CGi laments the opportunities that appear to be missed with the proposals and is dismayed at how little consideration of how any of the proposed developments will pay for themselves in times of intense economic pressure and scrutiny. The preferred plan, (option 5) a new harbour at Longue Hougue South, has little economic justification … Read more

Notification of Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Confederation of Guernsey Industry takes place at 6:00pm on Tuesday 20 April at Les Cotils and all members of the Federation are invited. The agenda will comprise:• The chairman’s report for the year• Financial report• Election of a new Chairman as my term has come to an end• Election … Read more

States confirms Covid business support measures

We met with the Economic Development Committee and senior civil servants on Friday to discuss support schemes available for local businesses. The States issued a media release in the evening with the most up to date guidance and this can be viewed here: Our meeting with Home Affairs on the Population Management Law last … Read more

Lockdown 2.0 Initial Business guidance

Following the commencement of Lockdown on Saturday 23rd January the States of Guernsey have released some initial guidance supporting the announcements made on Sunday 24th. The Initial Business Guidance can be downloaded here. The media release can be read here. The CGi has already been in contact with the Senior Civil Servants involved in implementing … Read more

CGi priorities for 2021

Hello everyone This is our first communication of 2021 and provides me with an opportunity to detail news and developments from your Federation and this year’s priorities. In 2020, a key objective was to work with the G4 to improve the proposed Anti-Discrimination Law. The pandemic took precedence during the middle part of the year … Read more

September news from the CGi

Hello all It has been a busy start to autumn for the CGi and we can update you on the latest news and developments. General electionFirstly, Clive is standing as a candidate in next month’s Island-wide election and it was agreed at our committee meeting on Monday that if I am elected, then I would … Read more

Open Letter to States Deputies from G5 re Anti Discrimination Proposals

Dear Deputies On behalf of the Institute of Directors (IoD), Guernsey Chamber of Commerce, Guernsey International Business Association (GIBA), the Confederation of Guernsey Industry (CGI) and the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) and ahead of the debate regarding the proposed approach to anti-discrimination legislation, we would like to draw your attention to a joint … Read more

Covid-19: States plans for phase 6 of exit framework

The States has asked us to circulate details to members of the current position in relation to opening the Island’s borders and returning to normal. These are the latest measures:  A set of criteria has been established for travel on compassionate grounds. Individuals are asked to contact Public Health at for a risk … Read more

A joint statement from the G4 business groups

FOLLOWING the publication of the policy letter outlining the proposed approach to anti-discrimination legislation, the island’s business groups welcome the changes made by the Committee for Employment & Social Security (ESS) and the significant amount of work done to date on this project. We have always been clear in our support for appropriate anti-discrimination legislation, … Read more

States agrees to continue financial support measures for worst hit sectors

The payroll co-funding scheme and other financial support measures will continue beyond June 30th to support sectors that are expected to face significant ongoing pressures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The payroll co-funding scheme is being continued until at least the end of September for businesses that are still experiencing a significant downturn in the … Read more

CGi backs States approach to borrowing but emphasises caution

THE Confederation of Guernsey Industry supports the States’ approach to borrowing announced last week, particularly in this first phase. There is a clear and immediate requirement to address the impending cash flow shortfall given the considerable sums that are being spent in helping businesses and the economy in general coupled with a simultaneous reduction in … Read more

Covid-19: States outlines businesses that can now operate

New guidance for businesses and workers has been issued, which supersedes all previous guidance given and outlines which types of business can operate from 25 April 2020 if public health requirements on social distancing and hygiene are met. Types of business that may resume full or partial operation – subject to using the social distancing … Read more

Richard Digard’s column – What about the other virus victims?

Richard Digard, ex-Guernsey Press Editor, produces a regular column in the newspaper. His latest article, published on Friday 17 April, includes a number of the key recommendations the CGi has been making to the States of Guernsey to help kick start the economy in light of the current restrictions. His column can be viewed here: … Read more

CGi Membership fees

Given the unprecedented times we are all currently facing, and the financial impact it is having on our businesses, the CGi is willing to delay the settlement of the 2020 subscription fees for members. Please contact Peter Miller, treasurer, via


The States of Guernsey Business Support Team have released the application forms for Small Business Grants and Payroll Co-Funding. With many thanks to the assistance from Richard & Carol-Anne Stapley (Richard Stapley Chartered Accountants) and Sarah Hancock (Brehon Accountants Limited) who worked with the States’ team, they have put together the following Frequently Asked Question … Read more

Business guidance at 29/3

The Guidance to Business was updated on Sunday 29th March and changed some of the previous advice. It is important to appeciate that the situation is very dynamic and subject to change at anytime. The State’s own website is where you will read it first and news is usually announced first on Twitter – follow … Read more

Is the States providing enough support for business during the crisis?

The CGi continues its close dialogue with the States of Guernsey to support Guernsey businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. Are you a Guernsey business owner, do you have feedback on economic measures proposed so far? And any other requests that could be considered? Please comment below or post feedback on our website at :

Details of financial measures to support the Guernsey economy

The Policy & Resources Committee has set out an initial package of financial measures to help businesses and individuals deal with the financially onerous impacts of the Covid-19 public health crisis. The headline measures are: Deferral of Social Insurance; Deferral of Commercial TRP; Deferral of rent payments to the States of Guernsey by business tenants; … Read more

P&R proposes business support measures

In a statement to the meeting of the States of Guernsey, Gavin St Pier updated the house on a number of matters relating to the general response to Coronavirus pandemic intended to protect the public and then went on to outline support for businesses. He announced that the States of Guernsey P&R committee have moved … Read more

Essential Travel Guidance updated

Update 19/3/2020: Further to details below The States of Guernsey published details concerning Critical Travel and Compassionate and Medical Travel including details applying to Critical Workers to whom specific exemptions may apply. More details on SoG website here. The Director of Public Health is advising all Guernsey residents to consider avoiding all non-essential travel to … Read more

States issues further advice on Coronavirus for businesses

As the situation regarding the SARS-CoV-2 virus evolves, Public Health Services (PHS) has today updated advice for travellers returning to the Island. PHS has today added the following countries to Group B – travellers need to isolate if they return with symptoms (however mild): ·         France ·         Egypt ·         Tenerife (returning since 17th Feb) Detailed information is available at