P&R proposes business support measures

In a statement to the meeting of the States of Guernsey, Gavin St Pier updated the house on a number of matters relating to the general response to Coronavirus pandemic intended to protect the public and then went on to outline support for businesses. He announced that the States of Guernsey P&R committee have moved quickly to propose a series of measures to help all non regulated Guernsey businesses deal with the impact of the Corona virus. The proposals include deferral of Social Insurance payments, deferral of Commercial TRP, the establishment of a hardship fund and other measures.

The proposals are neatly summarised by the Guernsey Press and the full text as presented to the States of Guernsey can be read here.

The CGi is engaging with the SoG Committee for Economic Development to help support Guernsey businesses and deal with practical issues faced by the business community. If you have a specific query, a particular issue then get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help.

Link: The States of Guernsey Coronavirus web page