Month: December 2019

Office of Data Protection Authority registration exemptions

THE Office of the Protection Authority has asked us to notify members that anyone who is currently exempt from the legal requirement to register with the ODPA will now continue to be exempt until January 2021. This means that any local entity that currently meets the exemption criteria will not need to register until the beginning of 2021. Please visit: to find out what this means for local businesses and other entities who use personal data.

NED development programme

WE are working with the GTA to find the next generation of Non-Executive Directors (NED) on-island. Guernsey needs a decent pool of board-ready directors and the programme helps with their transition and training as it is widely accepted that NEDs add significant value to a company and the wider economy. The development programme has been designed to support the progression and transition of local talent wishing to become an NED. It aims to diversity the NED pool and helps the transfer of knowledge and skills from experienced directors onto the next generation. This unique is different to others, as in …

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December news from the Federation

WELCOME to our last newsletter of this year. It has been busy of late as we support local industry and try to make Guernsey a better place in which to live and work. We recently met with Deputies Le Clerc and Yerby, of Employment & Social Security, along with the G4 (IoD, Chamber and GIBA) to discuss the proposed discrimination legislation. We all have concerns with elements of the proposals and the apparent need to rush through its introduction before the next general election in May 2020. Whilst the meeting was positive in some respects, it remains to be seen whether …

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