History of the Cgi

The CGi was formed in 1995 by 25 companies under the original title G-MEX. At that time, the contribution to the Island’s economy by the finance, horticulture and tourism industries was generally understood and appreciated at a local level.

However, the activities and financial contribution of the industrial sector were less well-known. During this period, the States of Guernsey commissioned a report to study the structure and value of the industrial sector to the Island.

This report concluded that:

‘the sector makes an important contribution to the economy’ and recommended that it ‘can help itself by developing a representative body’.

We provide a voice for local business within the island 

By representing our members we can formulate a common position on key issues. We hosted a forum in September of last year with elected Deputies and senior civil servants, enabling CGi members to meet directly with these key decision makers and air concerns.

We continue to play an important role in lobbying the States to adopt policies supportive to our members.

A relevant and current example is the Population Management Law. Considerable time has been devoted by the committee to speaking with key politicians, CGi members and the local media to raise our concerns over certain aspects of the legislation and the work has been very successful in bringing this to the forefront of public debate and discussions over recent weeks.

Whilst the law was passed in 2017, with an important amendment allowing ‘grandfather’ rights to apply and allow long serving staff on short term licences to stay on island, the Federation still wishes to see further changes.

We contribute to the key political and commercial debates

Our chairman has very recently spoken publicly on the current shortcomings of our air transport links, reflecting the views of CGi members in the media, as well as in meetings with the airlines and the States.

By raising this and other topics, we keep in the public domain issues that are important to not only our members but also for Guernsey in general.

We support the next generation

The CGi strongly supports the future generation of entrepreneurs and works in partnership with a number of agencies to promote business in the Island. We are also keen to engage and continue to develop a proactive dialogue with the States.

We recently extended our long-standing support of coding clubs in the island’s high schools for the last three years into two primary schools.
The CGi also has a student bursary available to members to assist in the training and development of their staff.

Member benefits

In addition to promoting the best interests of the federation, members of the CGi are also entitled to benefits including an annual discount card.


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