CGi supports bid to extend St Peter Port Harbour for inert waste

THE Confederation of Guernsey Industry fully supports Deputy Inder’s requete to extend St Peter Port Harbour as an alternative to the site at Longue Hougue. The proposed amendment has purpose and offers economically beneficial outcomes and opportunities for the island rather than Longue Hougue, which has no plan and just incurs expense. We were involved … Read more

CGi in support of new Aurigny links

The CGi fully supports the decision by Aurigny to restart flights to Jersey and establish a new, direct service with Southampton. Both routes have historically shown to be very important links for Guernsey and also underserved for several years so this is excellent news for the inbound visitor market, business travellers and Islanders. This also … Read more

CGi gives cautious welcome to Heathrow route development

THE Confederation of Guernsey Industry has welcomed the news that the London Heathrow link is to be re-established which will make international connections more convenient for some travellers. Whilst the CGi applauds the President of the Committee for Economic Development’s efforts in making this initiative a reality, the test will be the long term sustainability … Read more

CGi priorities for 2019

Hello everyone This is our first communication of 2019 and provides me with an opportunity to detail news and developments from your Federation and this year’s priorities. In 2018, our main objective was to liaise with and lobby politicians and civil servants to improve the population management law. We have evidence that shows that the legislation … Read more

November update from the CGi

At the most recent CGi committee meeting, Deputies Neil Inder and Barry Paint presented their ideas for the development of St Peter Port Harbour by extending out from the East Arm and creating a potential deep water berth. Their solution would create a mooring for larger vessels than can berth at present (which includes cruise … Read more

CGi support for Skills Guernsey

The relaunch of Skills Guernsey is welcomed by the CGi. We have written to the Committee for Economic Development on these two initiatives: • The launch of digital internships focussing on digital skills. The CGi would be willing to coordinate and run a database of companies and students (within the restrictions of GDPR) to help … Read more

October update from the CGi

The past couple of months have been busy so we can update you on developments within the CGi. To kick start Guernsey’s economy, we need more people in employment which is achievable through retraining, working past retirement age, bringing in the right labour to fill numerous vacancies, training up youngsters to be better equipped to … Read more

Who’s got the power – tour and social event at Guernsey Electricity

TWENTY members of the CGi recently visited Guernsey Electricity for an interesting and very informative tour of the power station at Northside. We were guided around the control centre and three of the stations, including the newest Engine 3D, by Asset Controller, Lloyd Le Page. Guernsey Electricity’s Chief Operating Officer Sally-Ann David then gave a … Read more

Guernsey Electricity tour and social event, 18 September

GUERNSEY Electricity has been providing electricity to the island for over 100 years. Until 2001 all electricity was generated on-island but completion of a cable link to France via Jersey has given the opportunity to import units from the European Grid in conjunction with on-island generation.  The change has brought significant environmental benefits for the … Read more