CGi acknowledges Home Affairs’ openness to engage with local firms to address population law problems

THE CGi has welcomed the willingness of the President of Home Affairs to discuss concerns with the Island’s population laws and the new initiatives designed to help local businesses. The industry group’s comments follow a meeting held last week with Deputy Rob Prow, the Population Management Office, CGi chairman and a delegation of local companies … Read more

Understanding occupational health – States’ survey

Through the Government Work Plan, the States of Guernsey agreed a Health Recovery action which seeks to support the physical and mental recovery of Islanders through scoping and delivering Phase 3 of the Supporting Occupational Health & Wellbeing (SOHWELL) programme. The States is undertaking the survey across Guernsey and Alderney, to better understand the occupational … Read more

CGi calls for meeting with Home Affairs to address population law issues

THE CGi is asking the President of Home Affairs to meet with its members so they can demonstrate the damage that the Island’s population management law is causing local business. The request follows Deputy Rob Prow’s recent insistence that the updated legislation is working well and that without it, the Island’s firms would be operating … Read more

Anti-GST collateral

In advance of the States’ debate this week on funding and on the possible introduction of a consumption tax, you can download, print and display these posters in PDF or JPEG formats. Members are also welcome to attend the gathering on the Royal Court steps on Tuesday 17 October 2023 from 8.30am to 9.30am.

Anti-Discrimination Law and ‘reasonable adjustments’

Now that the Anti-Discrimination Legislation is in force, Employment & Social Security is publishing details of the duty on employers to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for disabled employees. It accepts that there is a limit where such adjustments would represent a ‘disproportionate burde’n on the duty-holder (i.e. employer). Further detail on what constitutes a ‘reasonable adjustment’ and a … Read more

CGi in support of Lyndon’s Trott’s proposal to raise income tax to fill States’ black hole

THE Confederation of Guernsey Industry has come out in support of Deputy Lyndon Trott’s suggestion to scrap the proposed introduction of GST and instead raise income tax. The call follows Deputy Trott’s statement last month that he ‘wouldn’t personally hesitate in raising the basic rate of personal income tax’, citing it as pragmatic and fair … Read more

New Trading Standards law

A new Ordinance bringing Guernsey in line with UK requirements on trading standards for businesses comes into force on 02 October. The legislation was voted through the States in March and includes all Islands of the Bailiwick except for Alderney. It includes consumer rights when entering contracts for goods and services, unfair terms in contracts … Read more