Annual General Meeting

The CGi’s Annual General Meeting was held on 24 April 2024 at Guernsey Electricity. Dave Newman, CGi chairman, outlined the work the Federation had been involved in over the past 12 months to support members, including: Disability Legislation The Electricity Strategy Population Management Law GST Education Strategy As with last year, many of the issues … Read more

Dave Newman, outgoing Chairman’s speech at the AGM

Dave Newman, outgoing Chairman’s speech at the 2024 AGM: Thank you all for attending the AGM of the Confederation of Guernsey Industry. I’d like to start the Chairman’s speech with two sayings. The first was attributed to the British Prime Minister Harold Wilson who stated “ A week is a long time in politics” Well … Read more

Anti-Discrimination Law and ‘reasonable adjustments’

Now that the Anti-Discrimination Legislation is in force, Employment & Social Security is publishing details of the duty on employers to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for disabled employees. It accepts that there is a limit where such adjustments would represent a ‘disproportionate burde’n on the duty-holder (i.e. employer). Further detail on what constitutes a ‘reasonable adjustment’ and a … Read more

CGi welcomes changes to six month visa waiver

THE Confederation of Guernsey Industry has expressed its support of the recent Home Affairs’initiative to introduce a temporary solution which will allow local companies to recruit employeesfrom overseas without having to apply for a UK visa first. The industry body is, however, urging the States to press ahead and rationalise its own law andprocedures to … Read more

Would you be interested in joining the CGi committee?

We are seeking two new committee members from this September. The role is to work with the Chairman, Company Secretary and other committee members to develop policies and viewpoints on key topics that concern our Federation and in doing so, support the wider membership. Current initiatives include: Working with the States to improve the Population … Read more

Anti-discrimination legislation forum – what does it mean for SMEs?

Drop in to Chamber for an open discussion with representatives from the business community and the GDA to share your thoughts or learn more. Wednesday 29 June 2022, 12:30 – 14:30 at the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce, Markets Inner Street, St Peter Port All SMEs are welcome, no matter the nature of their query, … Read more

FREE cyber security training for CGi members

The CGi has invited Black Arrow Cyber Consulting to guide our members on the main ways that local businesses can protect themselves. The number of cyber security incidents continues to rise globally, affecting our members here in Guernsey and their clients in other countries. The discussion will look at the dangers caused when businesses conflate … Read more