AGM and power station tour

The Annual General Meeting of the CGi takes place at 6:00pm on Wednesday 24 April at Guernsey Electricity and all members are invited. Following the AGM, there will be a presentation from Guernsey Electricity which will also cover the energy transition. After the presentation, we will be given a tour of the power station. Catering … Read more

CGi calls for increases in income tax to fill black hole

FOLLOWING feedback received from its members, the Confederation of Guernsey (CGi) is reiterating its call for the States to consider changes in income tax and social insurance reform, a review of corporation tax and a proper evaluation of some capital projects in order to raise funds to pay for public services. This follows the decision … Read more

CGi believes GST would be hugely damaging to Guernsey business

THE Confederation of Guernsey has raised concerns that the proposed GST will have a detrimental effect on local businesses, be costly to administer and fails to address the reality of living on an island with finite resource. The CGi has re-emphasised its preference for a modest rise in income tax along with other measures. The … Read more

CGi gathers support for Intersurgical staff

THE Confederation of Guernsey Industry is asking members of its federation to consider offering employment to former staff of Intersurgical Guernsey.   The request follows yesterday’s news that the local manufacturer and supplier of medical devices for respiratory support, a long-standing member of the CGi, has closed permanently, with the loss of up to 90 staff.  CGi Chairman, Dave Newman, said: ‘We reached out yesterday afternoon to Intersurgical through one of … Read more

States pressed to clarify costs of new anti-discrimination law

THE Confederation of Guernsey Industry is asking the States to reveal the costs of implementing and running the new anti-discrimination law which are estimated to be around £850,000 per year and for government to publish its own impact analysis. The request follows recent feedback provided by the CGi to the Committee for Employment and Social Security, in which the … Read more

CGi comment on proposed development agency

“This is a further sign from those driving the ambition of the current assembly of the need to get things done and to be bold in challenging the previous ways of working that have resulted in precious little progress on strategic infrastructure maintenance and development projects.” The CGi was deeply disappointed when the harbours’ redevelopment … Read more

Sustainability survey

The Sustainable Business Initiative of the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce is calling for local businesses to fill out their annual Business Sustainability Survey. The survey looks to explore how important sustainability is to your business, why you care about environmental issues, what your business is currently doing regarding sustainability, among other questions. The survey can … Read more