CGi comment on proposed development agency

“This is a further sign from those driving the ambition of the current assembly of the need to get things done and to be bold in challenging the previous ways of working that have resulted in precious little progress on strategic infrastructure maintenance and development projects.”

The CGi was deeply disappointed when the harbours’ redevelopment proposals were released last year. The CGi then speculated that a Development Agency approach was needed to integrate developments from Leale’s Yard, through St Sampson’s and the Eastern seaboard to St Peter Port. The CGi suggested that the body would have the relevant parties as stakeholders to represent interests including housing, utilities, ports and leisure, but underpinned by an economic rationale that supports Guernsey’s macro-economic and future development needs.

“We are pleased that we were not alone in this line of thinking and now we can see that rapid progress can be made. Our members in the transportation and freight handling sectors have been telling us for a long time now how great the need to improve the harbour facilities is, particularly in respect of the working areas.

With political oversight of the Development Agency, the Island’s interests can effectively be managed in respect of social, environmental and aesthetic objectives, whilst private sector involvement and innovation can help minimise the cost to the taxpayer to build the infrastructure that the Island needs and deliver it at a pace.”