Annual General Meeting

The CGi’s Annual General Meeting was held on 24 April 2024 at Guernsey Electricity.

Dave Newman, CGi chairman, outlined the work the Federation had been involved in over the past 12 months to support members, including:

  • Disability Legislation
  • The Electricity Strategy
  • Population Management Law
  • GST
  • Education Strategy

As with last year, many of the issues dealt with by the CGi and the committee were carried over from the previous years.

The CGi has continued to increase our media involvement over the last year in not only raising and promoting the CGi profile but also commenting on the various issues previously mentioned and representing our members views within the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

It has also been especially gratifying to see our States Politicians actively seeking out the CGi to engage in dialogue and trying to understand our memberships views and the challenges they face.

Thanks were extended to the existing committee who have provided thought-provoking comment and engagement which made the chairman’s  role easier and the impact of the CGi more effective.

Special thanks were offered to Kimberly Newman for her seven years of service after stepping down on the committee.

Alan Rowe, Pete Miller, Martyn Gaudion, Claire Archer, Lance Vaudin, Simon Taylor  and Ian Le Moigne are to continue as members of the committee.

New members to join the committee are Nick Smith of ID Porte and Shaun Broughton of Event Services who were welcome by chairman and commitee.

After the AGM, Alan Bates, CEO of Guernsey Electricity presented the Electricity Strategy to attendees which was followed by a tour of the power station by Jon Sexton, Head of Engineering and Design.

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