Annual General Meeting

The CGi’s Annual General Meeting was held on 31 March 2002 at Les Cotils.

The meeting addressed the work the Federation is doing to support members, including:

• Population management
• Disability legislation

The CGi has been in face-to-face meetings with various departments within the States, vested stakeholders and the membership. The Chairman, Dave Newman, confirmed that efforts had been made to increase the Federation’s media profile over the past 12 months by commenting on the various issues and representing the views of members within the Bailiwick.

He confirmed that it has been especially gratifying to see politicians actively seeking out the CGi to engage in dialogue and try to understand our membership’s views and the challenges. In a recent discussion with P&R, the States acknowledged that the diversity of our membership provides broad and insightful feedback that is lacking from single industry groups.

Thanks were extended to the existing committee who have provided thought-provoking comment and engagement which made his role easier and the impact of the CGi more effective.

Special thanks were offered to Alan Dorey for his many years of service after stepping down from his role on the committee.

Dave Newman, Ian Le Moigne, Clive McMinn, Alan Rowe, Pete Miller, Kimberly Newman, Martyn Gaudion and Stuart Blondel are to continue as members of the committee.

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