August news from the CGi

WE have been busy over recent months consulting with the States on measures to support local businesses impacted by the pandemic.

Some CGi recommendations have been introduced/relaxed or altered as a result of our advice, so thank you for your comments and suggestions which have all been relayed to politicians and senior civil servants.

Skills survey
Bright Futures LBG is running a survey for a second successive year. The data collated will be used to help with lobbying the States on the need to introduce a workforce strategy.

If you could complete the survey that would be appreciated:

Proposed increase of the minimum wage in 2021
The Committee for Employment & Social Security has asked for our feedback on its proposal to raise the statutory minimum wage from £8.50 per hour to £9.00 on 01 January 2021. This is from the plan dating back to 2018 which sees rates increase in equal increments over five years, with this as step three.

The CGi committee’s initial thoughts are that the world has changed hugely since 2018, particularly this year, so to proceed with such a change and ask businesses to absorb an increase in their cost base is unwise in these times of financial crisis. 

We do, though, want to formulate a wider position from the membership for our reply to the committee as the States is looking to ratify this at its November sitting.

I would therefore be grateful if you could email me with your thoughts at

Please keep talking to us and providing feedback on the support you need. 

Thank you

Clive McMinn – Chairman

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