CGi asks members for feedback on key topics

The CGi is asking members for their views on important issues affecting them and the wider business community this year.

Population Management Law
The States has sent us consultation questions for its Population and Immigration Policy Review that is being chaired by Deputy Rob Prow. Members are invited to fill this out on behalf of their businesses by the end of this month:

Anti Discrimination Law
The legislation is being introduced this year, so members with views on this are to contact us on

This is the link to the proposed law:

RPI has increased by 4.8% in the fourth quarter of 2021, the third highest rise since 2000 and the greatest since 2008. Any rise in inflation is regrettable, as it puts pressure on local businesses who have already experienced supply chain delays, increases in raw material costs along with staffing issues.

We would hope that this is just a transitory period influenced by the events over the past two years and normal levels will return.

We would welcome feedback on how this is affecting you, the issues you are experiencing and how best we CGi can represent your concerns.

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