CGi calls for meeting with Home Affairs to address population law issues

THE CGi is asking the President of Home Affairs to meet with its members so they can demonstrate the damage that the Island’s population management law is causing local business.

The request follows Deputy Rob Prow’s recent insistence that the updated legislation is working well and that without it, the Island’s firms would be operating ‘in an even more restrictive landscape.’ The CGi is dismissing these claims and has evidence to present to Home Affairs which illustrates the extent of the problem.

Dave Newman, CGi chairman, said: ‘Deputy Prow’s response to the issues we raised in September is a real concern. It is clear to us and also worrying that Home Affairs appears to not be close enough to local businesses to understand the difficulties they are facing, so we would like our members to sit down with Deputy Prow so these concerns can be spelt out.

‘The amendments to the new law, introduced in April of this year, are creating a ‘skills drain’, leaving businesses chronically short of trained and experienced staff. So, rather than improving the situation, the changes are making the situation worse.

‘As an example, one CGi member firm is having to let go loyal, dedicated employees, some with 20 years’ continuous service because the legislation will now only allow them to remain on a short term, nine month contract, which is ridiculous.’

The CGi has formed a delegation of local companies – cleaning and facilities management, manufacturing, on-island transport and utility sectors – and proposes meeting with Home Affairs, Economic Development and P&R so that government departments can understand the issues that are real and present.

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