CGi gathers support for Intersurgical staff

THE Confederation of Guernsey Industry is asking members of its federation to consider offering employment to former staff of Intersurgical Guernsey.  

The request follows yesterday’s news that the local manufacturer and supplier of medical devices for respiratory support, a long-standing member of the CGi, has closed permanently, with the loss of up to 90 staff. 

CGi Chairman, Dave Newman, said: ‘We reached out yesterday afternoon to Intersurgical through one of our committee members and it seems that many former employees have left, but others are attending the offices for support and a job board has also now been set up. 

‘We have now spoken to  our own membership and asked them to make contact with the company directly if they have any vacancies and are able to assist.

‘We will be posting relevant details up on our website once we have more information and should any former Intersurgical staff experience difficulty obtaining new employment, they can contact us through the website and we will endeavour to assist them in any way we can. 

‘While it can be a traumatic and worrying time to lose employment from dialogue with our members there are staff shortages across the board so hopefully this will help former Intersugical employees obtain gainful new employment.‘

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