CGi key policies for 2018

Clive outlines our main priorities for this year:

The CGi really would like to play its part in kick-starting Guernsey’s economy and we discussed our ideas at a recent meeting with Deputy Charles Parkinson, the new President of the Committee for Economic Development and senior civil servants.

We firmly believe that the size of the island population is linked to economic growth and measures need to be taken to increase the numbers working and contributing to the economy. Amongst other things, this requires a further review of the Population Management Law which we campaigned for last year.

Our other key policy areas are:

• Improving strategic transport links
• Improving digital connectivity, infrastructure and skills
• Reducing over regulation
• Diversifying the economy/incentives for new industry
• Green energy/renewables
• Preventing the brain drain from the island
• Introducing deferred pensions

There have been some recent changes in the CGi committee and Larry Granger stepped down after 9 years’ sterling service. Carolyn Granger has also retired along with David Inglis and James Falla and we thank them for their hard work and dedication.

Four new committee members have been appointed who will provide valuable insight and guidance. They are Kimberly Newman, Sally-Anne David, Tony Brassell and Martyn Gaudion.