CGi welcomes changes to six month visa waiver

THE Confederation of Guernsey Industry has expressed its support of the recent Home Affairs’
initiative to introduce a temporary solution which will allow local companies to recruit employees
from overseas without having to apply for a UK visa first.

The industry body is, however, urging the States to press ahead and rationalise its own law and
procedures to help alleviate the acute labour shortages which are being felt across all sectors of the
Island’s economy.

CGi chairman Dave Newman said: ‘We have been encouraged through our discussions with Home
Affairs that there is a willingness to help industry and the visa waiver is a positive move. This position
is also supported within our membership. The team at the Population Management office is working
hard and showing as much flexibility within the existing law as possible. We do however realise that
the waiver is a short-term stop gap rather than permanent solution.’

Mr Newman added that the lack of available staff is still hampering businesses and he will continue
to press Home Affairs to relax the existing laws.

‘The CGi accepts that some of the issues are beyond the Island’s control, however, the existing
population management legislation is not. We have always maintained that the law was out of date
as soon as it was introduced in 2017 and have made several statements in the media to that effect.

‘The case for action has been amply demonstrated by ourselves and other sectors across the Island
so we now urge government to act. We therefore eagerly await the outcome of the States’ review
into the Population Management Law so that we can support our members in this difficult times.

‘We are, however, appreciative that the Home Affairs has listened to our concerns, has engaged in
dialogue with us and our members and has continued to involve us in this difficult but not
insurmountable challenge.’

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