Comment to Guernsey Press on the impact of Covid on members

“We have contacted a number of the larger employers within the CGi and they confirm that Covid is having an impact on staffing levels, with one reporting a current shortfall of just under 10% of employees currently unavailable. All of these businesses deploy stringent measures for the testing and protection of staff.

Another CGi member firm advised that the issue is more with customers, who are cancelling work as the pandemic affects them. One recently received 10 cancellations in one day.

Whilst Covid is still having an impact on local businesses, this is only a short term problem. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it is the licensing regime in Guernsey that continues to present the great challenge to the longevity and survival of some of these businesses. The outcome of the review of the Population Management Law cannot come soon enough.

Covid and also Brexit should also not be used to mask the inefficiencies of the present law and the case for action has been amply demonstrated by sectors across the Island so we urge the States to act.”

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