Covid-19: States outlines businesses that can now operate

New guidance for businesses and workers has been issued, which supersedes all previous guidance given and outlines which types of business can operate from 25 April 2020 if public health requirements on social distancing and hygiene are met.

Types of business that may resume full or partial operation – subject to using the social distancing and hygiene requirements below:

  1. Gardening, building and other trades with no household contact
  2. Building wholesale and supply
  3. Vehicle servicing, maintenance and repairs (including cars, bikes and marine)
  4. Property sales, rentals and business transactions

Business activities which are not permitted:

  1. Services requiring personal contact – non-essential services requiring direct personal contact such as hair and beauty treatments and contact therapies will not be permitted except where such are deemed medically essential.
  2. Non-essential retail outlets
  3. Takeaway food collections and deliveries
  4. Public venues, restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs – public venues including gyms and sports venues, churches and community centres, theatres and cinemas, restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs will remain closed.

Business operators in these sectors are advised to consider applications for the business support measures set out or to contact for further information.

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