Covid-19: States plans for phase 6 of exit framework

The States has asked us to circulate details to members of the current position in relation to opening the Island’s borders and returning to normal. These are the latest measures:

 A set of criteria has been established for travel on compassionate grounds. Individuals are asked to contact Public Health at for a risk assessment of their request and advice.

 A set of criteria has been established for health related travel for critical and time-bound treatment. Individuals are asked to contact the Medical Director through for advice. For clarity this does not automatically apply to all travel to the UK for off-island appointments and treatment.

 The introduction of Business Tunnels – Initially, essential business travel in a ‘business tunnel’ will be strictly limited to same day return travel only. This type of travel will be facilitated without the need for mandatory self-isolation, provided it is carried out in a controlled environment in accordance with a method statement. The risk of COVID-19 transmission in a business tunnel is mitigated by a series of strict compliance measures.

The CCA will consider the exact requirements that visitors and businesses will need to adhere to, under Law, during next week. A date for commencement of the Business Tunnels initiative will be announced shortly.

 The establishment of air and sea bridges with other jurisdictions between jurisdictions of comparable transmission, border controls and robust testing and contact tracing capabilities. Work is ongoing to establish suitable jurisdictions.

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