Dave Newman, outgoing Chairman’s speech at the AGM

Dave Newman, outgoing Chairman’s speech at the 2024 AGM:

Thank you all for attending the AGM of the Confederation of Guernsey Industry. I’d like to start the Chairman’s speech with two sayings. The first was attributed to the British Prime Minister Harold Wilson who stated “ A week is a long time in politics” Well I’ve been Chairman of the CGi for my allotted 3 years and quite a lot has happened in those three years, never mind just a week.The second is allegedly from an Old Chinese curse which roughly translates as “ May you live in interesting times” After some fact checking this is correct although its stated it was first used in the public domain by an American Politician called Frederic Coudert.

It certainly has been an interesting time to be the Chairman of the CGi. I took over post Covid and Lockdown, Brexit, the Cost of living crisis and the effects of the war in Ukraine all of which have significantly impacted the Bailiwick of Guernsey and our members. Each event has its own specific challenges which are still being felt today. On a Political level in the last three years the CGi has been involved in a number of changes to the Island. The Disability Legislation, The Electricity Strategy, Population Management Law, GST (again) and the Education Strategy to name a few.

The CGi has also kept a constant media profile commenting on topical issues that are impacting our members and continued to lobby the States regarding how their decisions are helping or hindering economic growth. This is especially pertinent in regards to the Population Management Law and the continued issues in recruitment our members experience.

The Committee of the CGi has also gone through a number or changes in the last three years and without naming everyone individually I’d just like to thank them all for their continued support, insightful contributions and some really very interesting discussions over the last three years. The only one I’d like to name in person Is Ian Le Moigne who has been an invaluable help to me over the last three years and who has had to put up with having to re write Press Releases, Emails and Minutes to a Chairman’s satisfaction !.

In standing down as Chairman I would hope the CGi is in a better position as an organisation as it was when I took over. I still firmly believe it has a valuable role in representing and supporting its membership. We do not as yet have a replacement Chairman but I hope whoever takes on the role will find it as interesting, challenging and rewarding as I have.

Thank you all very much


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