WELCOME to the September edition of our newsletter.

You may have seen publicity over the past couple of weeks on the States’ proposals to bring in anti-discrimination law and could have already contributed to the current consultation.

The CGi has no issue with such legislation per se but has raised concerns with some parts of the proposals and notably that the consultation is being rushed without proper constructive dialogue. 

We are working with other business groups locally – Chamber, IoD, CIPD and GIBA – to call for a longer period for discussions with industry, so beyond the end of this month, and jointly we are to recruit an advocate to examine the law and present concerns and counter-proposals.

Our primary concerns are that law is too far reaching, costs too much, is not fit for purpose and is simply unrealistic and impractical. Just 25 miles from here, Jersey has a system of anti-discrimination which is similar to the UK and it works well, so we should at least consider adopting a similar law to our sister island.

We will update you soon on the progress being made.

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