Sixth form mentoring programme – Jack Taylor

The GCi is active in providing mentors to work with secondary school students on their chosen projects coming up to A-level.

Picture: Courtesy Guernsey Press
Picture: Courtesy Guernsey Press

Larry has been mentoring Jack Taylor, a Grammar School student, who was designing and building a motorised scooter which was powered by a battery driven electric drill. Jack showed particular engineering flair and both Larry and the school encouraged him to apply for an engineering apprenticeship early this year.

Jack did apply, and after an intensive three-day interview was awarded a four year apprenticeship by Jaguar-Land Rover which started in September.  Only a few places were available out of 25,000 applicants, so this was a fantastic achievement.

To mark this, the CGi presented Jack with a complete set of Moore and Wright external micrometers at a ceremony in the Sixth Form Centre.

We look forward to hearing of Jack’s progress in due course.