Updated advice for businesses at 27/3

THE States has today provided updated instructions for local industry, which in essence, advises which types of businesses can and cannot trade. The list of those that CANNOT operate has been extended to cover the following types:

o Licensed premises (pubs and clubs)
o Takeaway food premises
o Beach and other kiosks
o Cinemas and theatres
o Restaurants and cafes
o Retail outlets, other than certain essential retail outlets (see revised list A below)
o Libraries
o Community and youth centres
o Car, boat and bicycle repair, other than to repair vehicles of essential workers (see below) o Indoor and outdoor leisure facilities
o Outdoor trades, apart from for reasons in paragraph 4 (below))
o Community places within parks
o Places of worship
o Hotels, guest houses, any other premises used for the purpose of the provision of sleeping accommodation, board, lodging or board and lodging for reward and campsites.

There are exceptions to this, if the business and types of workers are considered essential and the full details are available here:

For details, you can email trade@gov.gg, call 743803 or alternatively speak to Clive at the CGi as we are in regular meetings and dialogue with senior politicians and civil servants.

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